Friday, March 17, 2017

Serre Picasso restaurant owner renovating property on St. Jacques St.

I read one blog-type post that accused me of burying the lead in this Montreal Gazette article about the potential resurrection of Serre Picasso on Sherbrooke St. 

I respectfully disagree with Tim Forster's assessment of my article as, the reality is, we don't know what is going to happen to the property. To me, without any solid plan for the property, there is no hard news here. The memories were much more interesting for a feature-style article.

As stated in the article, well-known Montreal businessman Peter Sergakis said he is fixing it up for a restaurant business of some kind, but he wasn't sure what kind of restaurant or even if he will manage it himself. The fact is, the Gazette ran a similar article in 2010. So, seven years later, I don't think Montrealers should jump to conclusions about what Sergakis has planned for the place. Most of the conversation I had with him was about how Montreal is saturated with breakfast joints and it is very hard to make money in the restaurant business - especially when it comes to greasy spoon diners.

Either way, I wish I could have written all that Nick Patulli, 69, said about his time at Serre Picasso. If you ever find yourself at his place of business, the Crowley Arts Centre in NDG near the MUHC hospital, I suggest you ask him to tell you more about his time at the restaurant. Be sure to ask him about the Beaver Club which had a Mother's Day tradition to end all Mother's Day traditions. 

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