Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fraser Hickson sets up ‘minibiblio’ in St. Raymond Community Centre

In honour of Black History Month, the Fraser Hickson Library has inaugurated a “minibiblio” in the St. Raymond Community Centre.

Minibiblios are small libraries located within places like non-profit organization headquarters or community centers. Visitors can take out books just like they would at a regular library. This minibiblio in the St. Raymond Community Centre has been opened in collaboration with Comité Jeunesse NDG. More than 50 children from the centre’s after-school program will have access to books in English and French.

According to the announcement, “Fraser Hickson’s mission is to enrich the community and increase literacy levels by working with partners to facilitate free access to books and services starting with the very young and those who need it the most.”

The inauguration was held on February 15. The St. Raymond Community Centre is located at 5600 Upper Lachine Rd. 

Example of a minibiblio at the NDG YMCA from February 2013. Photo: Isaac Olson

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  1. We miss the Fraser Hickson so it is good to see that team reinventing themselves in these ways. St-Ray's kids will really benefit from this project!