Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Borough mayor Russell Copeman shares kind thoughts on Free Press closure

After the Free Press closure was announced in its February 28, 2017 edition, I attended the borough council meeting on March 6 just to say "farewell" to my duties as chief reporter of the community newspaper.

I was touched by borough mayor Russell Copeman's opening remarks about the newspaper's closure. His words and the audience's applause brought tears to my eyes after 7.5 years of reporting in NDG and Cote St. Luc.  It was nice to know that people were appreciative of my effort to provide the community with objective news and interesting stories from around the area.

Given the support and outreach the community has offered me in the weeks that followed, I am happy to announce that I am not done yet!

You can take the Free Press out of NDG, but you can't take the reporter. I'm sticking around. Look for my articles in the Montreal Gazette and here on this blog. If I get enough interest and followers, I will try to update this blog twice a month with a few community stories and even some meeting coverage.

For Mayor Russell Copeman's remarks, click here.

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