Monday, June 12, 2017

Little Shop of Horrors debuts in Côte St. Luc

The Côte St. Luc Dramatic Society will be performing Little Shop of Horrors until June 25, offering local theatre lovers a full-scale, professional production of a classic, horror-comedy-rock musical.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, who performs in the play and serves as the producer, said the performance is suitable for kids aged 10 to 12, depending on their level of maturity. There is a cast of 23 amateur and professional actors, two puppeteers and a five-piece band.

Of course, Audrey II, a talking plant that develops a taste for people meat, will be on stage as well in four different stages of development. By the second half of the play, the plant is larger than life.

The play is being held in city hall's Harold Greenspon Auditorium, but buy your tickets soon because the venue only seats 136 and word of this vibrant, exciting performance is spreading fast.

Tickets can be bought on this website or at various locations in Côte St. Luc, including city hall and the Aquatic and Community Centre.  For the full story on this play, read my article in the Montreal Gazette and then check out these photos below provided by production manager Reesa Rosenfeld.
-Isaac Olson

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