Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Citizen push for green bridge over incoming highway, Turcot yards heating up

This Transports Quebec image of a green bridge dates back to 2010.
By Isaac Olson
The push for a green bridge over connecting NDG to the Southwest borough is heating up, with a protest planned for June 4.

Montreal’s city council approved a plan to construct a bike path down the falaise St. Jacques in southern
NDG as that is clearly under city jurisdiction, said NDG district councillor Peter McQueen during the May 1 borough council meeting.

However, he said, Transports  Quebec needs to commit to building a bike bridge over the incoming Highway 136 which will replace the 20. There is a video on Facebook that discusses this issue in French. It can be found here. In the video, it outlines the disappearance of a "dalle parc" or green bridge plan that was promised to cyclists back in 2010.

That plan has since been taken off the table and now people are fighting to make it a reality. The original plan called for a large concrete overpass decorated with trees and vegetation. Read Andy Riga's article the Montreal Gazette to learn more.

“Once the new highway comes into use in the next two years, the old highway will still be there,” said McQueen. “We’re asking Transports Quebec to plan that bicycle path now.”

Cyclists want to be able to access the Lachine Canal, St. Lawrence River, Angrignon Park and everything else that can be found in the Southwest Borough and beyond. As it stands, cyclists and pedestrians must head east into Westmount or west into Montreal West to get south of the highway and Turcot yards.

“This is a major goal,” he said. “We must continue to push for this.”

In that continued effort to push for a bridge, a protest is planned for May 21 at the Vendôme Metro station, he said.

To stay updated on these issues, follow the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists NDG on Facebook.

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