Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Searle's pothole painting story gets plenty of attention

Loyola district councillor Jeremy Searle after painting a Fielding Ave. pothole
on  April 13. Photo: Isaac Olson
Loyola district councillor Jeremy Searle has been getting plenty of media attention since the Montreal Gazette ran my article and photo on his plan to paint potholes white until they are fixed.

My story was published on April 13 after Searle phoned with his plan to paint potholes white in protest of the current administration's inattention to road repairs. The story was picked up by other media in the coming days, including CTV and TVA Nouvelles.

Noah Sidel, who is quoted in my article, approached Searle about his pothole painting and made a video that can be found on his blog here.

The story, posted to the Montreal Gazette Facebook page and circulated heavily on social media, garnered loads of feedback.

For example, Cassi Evelyne writes, "At least he is doing something. He is thinking of the citizens. Which I can totally appreciate. I have one car that now has a broken rim and the other car got a flat tire. The roads are out of control. The only way you get compensated from the city is if you can prove the city knew about the pot hole and then they didn't fix in a timely manner. How do you prove such a thing, I have no idea."

Another commenter, Soui Chan states, "This is a man who feels for his citizens."

However, not everybody is on board with Searle's pothole-painting protest.

"Searle will accomplish nothing by this stunt," comments Andrew Ross, a 2013 borough mayor candidate. "It is simply electioneering, giving the impression of doing something while actually doing a whole lot of nothing. He should instead be working with city officials to improve funding for road repair, but that would require him taking the coveralls off and showing up for work. A disgrace."

Again, to read more about this, read my story in the Montreal Gazette. 

Loyola district councillor painting a pothole on Westmore Ave. on April 13.
Photo: Isaac Olson

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